Write Offs Don’t Really Save Money

Every year, most of my clients ask how they can lower their taxes. They always ask if buying a house, or buying something for work is something that they should do. Buying a house can help to lower your taxes, however, it also lowers your bank balance! Here are some examples, to put it in […]

Work Expenses

Anything that you have to buy for work, that is ordinary & necessary is an employee business expense. The tax code says “An expense is ordinary if it is common and accepted in your trade, business, or profession. An expense is necessary if it is appropriate and helpful to your business. An expense does not […]

Turbo Tax Horror Story

A client filed her own taxes on Turbo Tax, paid $29.95 for the “free” version with CA and efile. She went thru all the questions, double checked her work, and was happy with her refund of $3,421. While preparing the next year’s tax return for her, I noticed a glaring mistake… she had omitted her […]

Talk to Your Kids About Taxes

Here’s a common horror story… Jane’s son Adam is 19 and still lives at home. He’s a college student, and works… you know, he takes care of himself. He’s his own man. So, he takes advice from his friend and goes to a big box tax prep place, or his buddy does his taxes for […]

Why This Should Be The Year You Pay Off Back Taxes

According to the IRS, more than 13.2 million Americans owe back taxes. The majority of these cases involve amounts that seem impossible to pay off.  That leaves those tax-owing Americans in a difficult position. They want to pay, but they can’t, and the end result is feeling a lot of guilt about the situation.  There […]

When DIY Won’t Do: 3 Times, When Hiring a Tax Relief Professional is the Only Way to Go

When it comes to your money, there’s only one person that truly has your best interests at heart – and that person is looking back at you in the mirror. Handling your own finances and making your own decisions can give you peace of mind and help you avoid a costly mistake. There is a […]

November Tax Resolution Times

Former NBA Player C. Tate George Cries Foul Play for IRS Bill Former NBA player C. Tate George, who is serving time in prison for orchestrating a $2 million plus Ponzi scheme, failed to file his tax return in 2013, so the IRS did it for him. In 2013 George received a $208,111 pension distribution […]

October Tax Resolution Times

The Stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” Reality Series Prove—They Really Don’t Todd and Julie Chrisley, the stars of the USA Network reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best”, and their accountant, Peter Tarantino, were indicted in August 2019 on 12 counts of tax evasion and bank and wire fraud conspiracy. Read More

4 Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make When Filing Your Taxes. (They Could Land You In Tax Trouble)

It can be a stressful experience preparing your taxes and filing them. It can be even more stressful however, if you make these mistakes that land you into tax trouble. It’s important to remember that if you make mistakes that are serious enough, you might end up triggering an audit of your tax return or […]