Frequently Asked Questions about Audit Protection

1. Q: What is audit protection?
A: Our audit protection plan, also known as VPP Value pricing plan is an add on to our tax preparation service. With our plans (silver/gold/platinum), you can choose to add on varying degrees of additional services and protection that don’t automatically come with tax preparation. Please see our table of benefits HERE.

2. Q. What does audit protection include?
A. Our VPP plans all include audit protection, identity theft protection (for tax purposes) and tax planning services. If you get any notices from the IRS or state, get them to the office and we’ll translate them for you and respond as needed. If someone assumes your tax identity, we will assist you thru the arduous process of getting it resolved. For tax planning, we will have a brief discussion with you (and your spouse if applicable) to determine your goals when it comes to taxes and offer several strategies to help you achieve those goals. We also do a mid-year review of your financial position and offer advice on things you can or need to do to meet those goals come year end.

3. Q. Why gold instead of silver?
A. Our gold plan is an upgrade to the starting off point that silver is. It adds unlimited answers to tax questions during the year, tax preparation on a minor amendment at no additional cost, four 15 minute phone calls throughout the year, a free mid-year withholding review including your current income and circumstances instead of the projected ones we discussed at the beginning of the year. Finally, you get the first pick of appointment times for the following year once our calendar comes available, which allows you to choose the best times and save money avoiding the premium fees that are added on to appointments in March and April.

4. Q. Why platinum instead of gold?
A. You always intend to change things and NOT owe next year, but the year gets away from you… so platinum adds on an annual installment agreement revision done by GPIT. You know its impossible to get ahold of the IRS to do it yourself. It also adds on full tax planning mid year… planning for all those changes that already happened in the last few months and projections for the future, along with IRS and state account monitoring. We will watch your transcripts all year and notify you of any impending audits along with reviewing for any penalty abatement opportunities. We LOVE getting the IRS to remove penalties for our clients!!!