Turbo Tax Horror Story

A client filed her own taxes on Turbo Tax, paid $29.95 for the “free” version with CA and efile. She went thru all the questions, double checked her work, and was happy with her refund of $3,421. While preparing the next year’s tax return for her, I noticed a glaring mistake… she had omitted her EIC, losing out on $3,931! Even with all their double checks and error free claims, a major and common credit was overlooked.

Of course the error can be fixed, but it’s always best to have your taxes done right the first time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, relying on a program isn’t the best option. If you feel you’ve made an error on a past return, we;’ll review them for free. Oftentimes we can file an amended return, and get your overpaid taxes refunded to you. We review past returns for free!